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      Price - Tyson - Satin

PT0693001 was given to "Rooson Black Satin" as the 1st dog registered with the PTCA.

Satin passed away on January 24th of 2005 at approximately 16 years of age.

She was a rescue from a Wisconsin Interstate wayside during the severely cold winter of 1990.  She was suffering from frostbite to her ears and was approaching cars, apparently trying to find some warmth.

She landed with a working terrier family and was forever loved after that.   Her deep-throated bark was a signature of hers to the very end.

She was not bred and only garnered a ribbon or two in very small classes.  She was tolerant of other dogs and never picked a fight.  Some would say that she lived a very uneventful life and just became a loving companion around the house.

However she had an impact on Patterdale Terriers worldwide. 

She was the first......Satin was simply "001".

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