Titled Working Patterdales


Badlands Black Davey
HOF Booth's Mileo
Cajun Shadow Joker
HOF Masons' Sissy
Fulford's Deadgame Kori
Hod's Kristy'nka
John Courage
Kickapoo Spunky
HOF Mason's Oscar

HOF Mason's Tarmac
Reuver's Blackhole Reggie



FC Chandonnet's Rack (Badger)
FC John Courage (Red Fox)
FC Mason's Oscar (Groundhog)
Schwab's Glyn (Red Fox)
Schwab's Larry (Red Fox)
Schwab's Nora (Red Fox)
Schwab's Red Boy (Red Fox)
Schwab's Root (Badger, Boar, Fox)


Elected through exceptional
Working Ability or impact on
the breed through progeny

  What A Shamus
Badland's Black Davey
Black Badger Tombstone
Badakhashan Beauregard
Black Tiger Rocky

Booth's Bruiser II
Booth's Mileo FC
Booth's Tipperary Tim
Booth's Tonic
Breay's Rusty

CMC's Tara The Terror of Oakleaf

Diggin' Deep Boomer
Gould's Spartacus
Hammonds Black Hole Nut

Kickapoo Spunky
Mason's Arnie
Mason's Babb-be
Mason's CS Lilly
Mason's Goldie
Mason's Oscar
Mason's Tarmac
MQH Desiree
MQH Grip
MQH Josie
MQH Mason's Barney
Masons' Sissy FC
Nuttall's Flint
Nuttall's Miles
Nuttall's Miner
Piacentini's Bobby
Schaeffer's John Steed
Schwab's Anne-Busty
Schwab's Grom
Schwab's Martha
Schwab's Nathan
Schwab's Rosa
Schwab's Santos
Schwab's Schoko




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