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Patterdale Terrier Club of America Membership

 Please see the Home Page



*If you are a Current  PTCA Member, you may renew by remitting fees to (713 Wilson Avenue, Cleveland, WI  53015 or e-mail: for a PayPal Invoice). 

  If you have never been a PTCA Member, Please, fill out and mail the New Membership Application. We need your contact information to enter you into the Member Data Base.

If your Membership has not been current for over 2  years, please fill out and mail a New Membership Application.

If you would like information or Forms Mailed to you (USPS), please send a stamped, self address envelope, with your request, to the address below.




*New Members, please highlight, print and fill out form. Send, along with fee, to the address on form.

 You can, also, fill out a Membership Application, copy from the website and send to (Please see the Home Page): any questions should be directed to:

 713 Wilson Avenue, Cleveland, WI  53015 or e-mail:   


Printing forms:  (Highlight form , click "Print".  When your "Print Box" opens, check "Selection" to print only the areas highlighted.)




Yearly Membership: $ 25.00 / $65.00 Lifetime Membership




City:__________________State:_____Zip Code:_______



*E-mail address:___________________________
     You must include your email address in order to receive a newsletter or other updates.  (Write carefully and clearly) , also update any e-mail address changes in order to continue receiving The PTCA Newsletter.

Your Kennel Name:_________________________

How many Patterdales do you own?



Would you be able/willing to foster or adopt a Patterdale in need?
Yes____ No


In some cases, it is extremely, difficult to read handwriting.

This may delay Registration Papers reaching you.

PLEASE print clearly.......better yet, attach a printed return address mailing label to your Membership and Registration forms.

Print and send completed Application along with dues to:  PTCA (713 Wilson Avenue, Cleveland, WI  53015 or complete and send to


If you are Not a current PTCA Member, Please, send a completed Membership Form and appropriate fees to the address on the form.       .



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