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Patterdale Terrier Club Of America

 Application For Individual Registration Of A Patterdale Terrier

 *Instructions at the bottom of this web page.

Date: _____________   Registration Fee: $15.00 per terrier

Your Name(Member/Owner_______________________________________


State_______Zip_______     Country________________

*Phone_______________ *Email _________________
          You must include your email address in order to the newletter or other updates.  (Write carefully and clearly) as we are getting failed e-mails ...   

Patterdale's Name ____________________________

(As it will appear on Certificate)   * The Breeder's Name or Kennel Name should be part of the Terrier's Name.

Date of Birth____________________________Sex_______________

Coat Color _____________________ Type______________________   

Recognized colors are Black, Red, Chocolate, Black & Tan

Sire’s Name ___________________________ PTCA #__________if Reg.

Dam’s Name___________________________ PTCA #__________if Reg. 

I, breeder, attest that the Patterdale Terrier indicated on this Registration Application was the result of the breeding by the above listed Sire and Dam and was sold to the undersigned Owner.

Breeder's Signature_________________________   (Mandatory)

Print Breeder's Name_____________________      

I attest that I was informed by the Breeder that the Patterdale Terrier indicated on this Registration Application was the result of the breeding by the above listed Sire and Dam.


Owner's Signature___________________________    (Mandatory)

Print Your Name_________________________



 *Instructions at the bottom of this web page. 


*Applicant MUST be current PTCA member. If not a Current Member, include Membership Application and fees.  Renew yearly.


*The PTCA does not process Litter Registrations......each Patterdale must stand on its' own merits. 

If you would like forms mailed to you (USPS), please send a stamped, self addressed envelope, with your request, to the address below.

The following MUST be with your Registration Application (otherwise, it will be returned):

1) Two (2) color photographs (front & side view) of your Patterdale(indicated terrier should fill 75% of the photo) 

2) Mandatory Minimum Three (3) Generation Pedigree (parents, grandparents, great grandparents). 

Registration Application must be signed by breeder and owner of dog you wish to register.


 Breeders:  Have a Pedigree, a signed Registration application or a signed Transfer of Ownership application (if dog is already PTCA Registered) ready to send with each pup/dog when it is picked up by new owner.    Also, have any guarantees or stipulations in writing and give a copy to the new owner.

New Owners:  Have the above documentation, in hand, before  you take your new dog home.  


Printing forms: (Highlight form and instructions, click "Print".  When your "Print Box" opens, check "Selection" to print only the areas highlighted.) 

Registration Fee: $10.00 or equivalent Euros  

Send Completed Registration Application, along with photographs, pedigree and fees payable to:

(713 Wilson Avenue, Cleveland, WI  53015)

Any questions: Please see the Home Page


Instructions for the above Patterdale Registration Application:


*Applicant MUST be current PTCA member. If not a Current Member, include Membership Application and fees.

On all applications, the Owner's Name should appear as part of the dog's name.


* The name may be shown as "Shortened" on the light shadow background due to Data-base only permitting a limited number of characters to this field (24 spaces Only), but the Name will be apparent on both the Registration and Pedigree Certificates.   


* Colors acceptable: Black, Red, Chocolate, or Black & Tan - THESE ARE the ONLY COLORS (Do not make up colors or what you "think they are" - READ THE STANDARD!) - if other colors are submitted, we will assign the color appropriate from the photos sent. 

* Coat Type: Smooth, Broken, Rough (see PTCA Breed Standard)

*The PTCA does not process Litter Registrations. 

* If you are the new owner of a previously Registered Patterdale, (refer to "Transfer of Owner")



Any application incorrectly filled out or not completed entirely, or fees not included, will be sent back to applicant. 

Be sure that you include an accurate and true three generation pedigree

Although The PTCA attemps a 48-hour turn-aound on processing, PLEASE allow for longer in some cases.


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