Transfer Of Ownership

PTCA Transfer Of Ownership

Current Membership is required


Terrier’s Name:_______________________________________

Terrier’s name must remain the same as stated on the original

Certificate of Registration and Pedigree - YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE NAME OF THE TERRIER

PTCA Reg. #:_____________________Male:        Female:_____

I (present owner)______________________________________


E-mail _______________________________________________


agree to transfer ownership of the above named dog to:

(New Owner)__________________________________________

Address____________      _______________________________

E-mail   ______________________________________________

Tel:                             _______________________

Sign:(Original Owner)    ___________________________________


Sign: (New Owner)    _____________________________________


Print Transfer of Ownership Form and there is a $15.00 Fee to be sent with Transfer Request -

Send to 713 Wilson Avenue, Cleveland WI  53015


Registration will be mailed to new owner.  Current Membership is required.

(Print and use this form if you have purchased a dog which is already registered with the PTCA)

*Registered name will remain the same - NO NAME CHANGES .

If you do not transfer your dog into your POSSESSION, the original owner will remain as the owner of record in the PTCA database!



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